My Mum doesn’t like Punk and that’s ok

For a guy who will listens to pretty much anything this might just have to be a battle I walk away from……..

So working in fast food leads to some abnormal working hours, my shift was around 4/5 – 10pm, Alex would work something similar as a delivery driver, maybe from 6 – Close nine times out of ten, so normally this means I would stay up and wait for him to finish his shift. Once he was finished he would pick me up and we would go kill three or four hours in the early morning, usually picking up a friend or two and having a chat. This was how my weeks would work over the summer, with the others all back from university and I having not yet left for uni. This was the best time for us to listen to music, buying a load of blank CD’s we spent a good day or two burning the albums that we wanted to listen to in Alex’s car. Albums from Eden’s End Credits to Going to Hell by The Pretty Reckless, Twenty One Pilots, Tool and Camp Cope. We had one of those old school CD holders you might remember if you have ever been on a long car ride. It was great we would just ride around, acting out Castle on the Hill, even before Ed Sheeran had put it to tape. Being shotgun (After calling shotgun for life while the others were all drunk and Alex being the designated driver) I was in charge of the music.

Some of the car’s personal favourites were Watsky, Eden, Girl Talk and Georgia Maq/Camp Cope, most of which were well respected by the car’s guests. Music is a form of art and is subjective, I can admit that and understand that some people are not fans of certain artists, I myself am not too into the 1975, but can deal with them playing, as long as it’s not a forced CD change from, say, Camp Cope; they are one of those band I need to be in the mood for. So when this happened both Alex and I asked for the reason for the change and what they replied is that they ‘hate’ the band… I’m confused. Hate is a strong word and I think it has lost it’s real meaning with it being used so freely. Not just when I speak of the music that we are playing, although I don’t think they did actually hate the music, but in general they use it when it is something that just doesn’t fit what they are into. The only people that can seem to get away with using the word ‘hate’ are critics… right?

My Friend Jack claims “that you can’t base the quality of an album based on the review.” This statement always makes me laugh. “Is that not the point of the review?” I will always reply but to some extent he is right with his claim. There are reviewers that will favour an artist and there are some that won’t. This week Ed Sheeran has released his album Divide, the third in the ‘Math’ series. The fact that the fourth album could be called Minus makes me happy just thinking about it. As is common the album is then followed with a review. The album has had mixed reviews as of me writing this, with most of them being favourable. However The Guardian, a British paper has given it a 2/5, and as I read through Harriet Gibsone’s review, I can see that she can’t really find anything wrong with the album, even saying “if ever there were an artist to make a critic feel redundant” 1* It’s just not something that she is into, but other people are and this is shown in the UK charts with Sheeran have 3 songs in the top 10 (Downloads March 3rd 2017) 2* and 3 in the top 20 (UK singles chart March 3rd 2017) 3* However, as of writing this, the chart has not currently placed the album, but it is likely to reach high levels of success. This then brings into question Jack’s point, there is nothing wrong with Divide as an album, however that is my personal opinion. Some friends and a few of the people I live with, however, have a different view. “I only like the singles” one of them said to me this morning walking into the kitchen where I had the album playing in the background. I face this too though, this from Jack’s love of PVRIS and me finding them just to be another band in the alt rock genre, too my love of Punk and my mum coming down stairs to ask me what on earth I was listening to. I wouldn’t say any of these examples though are fueled by hate, quite simply they are just not everyone’s cup of tea.

Here’s the thing though, I can understand why my flat mates only liking the upbeat pop songs Ed Sheeran makes and my mum’s dislike for loud and aggressive punk. That then leads to the point where, you, the reader say “well why can’t you understand that your friend prefers the 1975 to Camp Cope, (you are probably asking yourself who Camp Cope even are too) and to be honest, you are right really I should just hold my hands up and walk away from this one but I have always been fascinated when someone says that they hate something. There needs to be something strong inside someone to hate something, in my mind I feel you put more effort into hating something or someone then if you just simply liked it. In this case I am still waiting to hear a reason. I’m unsure if I will ever get one and in truth that’s fine. Hopefully what this blog post has done is reminded you that music as an art form is subjective and will of course ‘Divide’ (sorry about the pun) opinions and surely having a collection of music and artists that can offer everyone something different is a good thing… surely?


P.S. Just so you will finally know who Camp Cope are click the link down below, you never know you might find something you like –

Cover Image – Sammy Roenfeldt – Tonight Alive –


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