One More Light: Review

It is official here Linkin Park have returned and yes it’s different!

Linkin Park have dropped their 7th studio album One More Light after a 3 year break. The band that has been the foundations for so many people’s music taste growing up, fans have grown to expect the Linkin Park sound, ‘Nu-Metal’ most communally heard on the first two albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora, however this style has never truly been copied on any of the other albums. With the group always looking to try something new. One More Light caries on this trend and experiments further with the bands sound. Continue reading

So where have I been?

So hey there,

You might have noticed there hasn’t been a post for a while and there’s a reason for that. As some of you might know we are currently in exam and final submission time for University students here in the UK and due to this I haven’t had a lot of spare time to research some of the topics I have lined up. Within the next week or so I will have an empty time table and will have the time to start some of the really interesting stories.

Thanks for your interest in the blog  -A

Being able to develop as an Artist

With ‘One More Light’ dropping on May 19th, Linkin Park fans have been up in the air about how they feel about the group’s next step. With only the first single, Heavy, being available at the moment, the LP faithful have come to question if this album is not the beginning of the end for what is currently the best selling American Rock Group of the 21st Century (CD sales).

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