Stressed Out and Breaking the Glass Ceiling

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Should I file this under ‘Self indulgent posers or Underrated geniuses?’

There is this old music industry saying that says “The Velvet Underground didn’t sell many records, but everyone who brought one formed a band.” Now who ever said that wasn’t wrong. Over the last 40 years almost every alternative band owes something to the original Velvets. Artist like Nirvana, U2, Beck, R.E.M and Jane’s Addiction have all covered Velvet songs and some say over 1000 different bands have covered the Velvet Underground’s work. So why, if so many have covered the music and so many bands were formed from the sound, why didn’t the group reach the heights of others? Simply, are the Velvet Underground one of the most underrated bands of all time?

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Hey, Lets Talk About Nirvana

Hey, let’s talk about Nirvana. The band most iconically known for the rise and fall of Kurt Cobain, bringing grunge and alternative music to the mainstream and changing rock music forever. That’s all common knowledge, but I want to speak about is something else. I want to suggest that this 3 piece from a small logging town in Washington, that only ever wanted to be as big as sonic youth was; that last iconic band. Now you might think that is crazy, but here, for a second, try and think of a band post Nirvana that has had the global dominance and rapture, only shared by the likes of The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd and a few others. Name any?
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