Stressed Out and Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Before we begin I just want to make sure everyone is clear as I feel this could be the post that gets some hate. This is just me thinking out loud and have sat with 11 tabs open on chrome fact checking the hell of this bitch. Thank you. Continue reading


If you tried to give Rock’n’Roll another name, you’d call it Chuck Berry – John Lennon

Oh Fuck!

It’s 01:46, March 19 and I have finally turned on social media to find that Chuck Berry has died, The father of rock and roll, the man responsible for arguably the greatest genre of music of all time has left this world. Continue reading

Being able to develop as an Artist

With ‘One More Light’ dropping on May 19th, Linkin Park fans have been up in the air about how they feel about the group’s next step. With only the first single, Heavy, being available at the moment, the LP faithful have come to question if this album is not the beginning of the end for what is currently the best selling American Rock Group of the 21st Century (CD sales).

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Should I file this under ‘Self indulgent posers or Underrated geniuses?’

There is this old music industry saying that says “The Velvet Underground didn’t sell many records, but everyone who brought one formed a band.” Now who ever said that wasn’t wrong. Over the last 40 years almost every alternative band owes something to the original Velvets. Artist like Nirvana, U2, Beck, R.E.M and Jane’s Addiction have all covered Velvet songs and some say over 1000 different bands have covered the Velvet Underground’s work. So why, if so many have covered the music and so many bands were formed from the sound, why didn’t the group reach the heights of others? Simply, are the Velvet Underground one of the most underrated bands of all time?

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Heartbreak in a Small Town Club

On the 21st of January I saw Beach Slang a band that I have wanted to see since I first heard their song Punk or Lust in 2014. On the 6th of February news broke that they would hit the road once again, this time along with Pop-Punk giants Jimmy Eats World, for several dates in the US. On seeing the news this news I felt something that I had felt a few times before, they were gone, taken by the mainstream. This feeling was not of anger, I was pleased that a Punk band had broken into the mainstream, a Punk band that Rolling stone had said “The songwriter’s intention seems simple—to set fire under a whole new generation of disenfranchised kids”, were having a chance to play the type of music I love to large crowds. No the feeling that I could feel was sadness, like a mother watching her child leaving home for the first time, heading out into the wild, because no matter how many albums they sell or shows they play, they will always be this small band with an EP I came across on the internet and connected with on the opening notes to that record. Continue reading

Hey, Lets Talk About Nirvana

Hey, let’s talk about Nirvana. The band most iconically known for the rise and fall of Kurt Cobain, bringing grunge and alternative music to the mainstream and changing rock music forever. That’s all common knowledge, but I want to speak about is something else. I want to suggest that this 3 piece from a small logging town in Washington, that only ever wanted to be as big as sonic youth was; that last iconic band. Now you might think that is crazy, but here, for a second, try and think of a band post Nirvana that has had the global dominance and rapture, only shared by the likes of The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd and a few others. Name any?
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